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Dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms. Browse our listings, or submit your own words to our site. Example: Q: You going to dictionarj bar? A: T'hell no! I'm flat broke. T-Jones: A gansta term for parents.

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It's so disrespectful imoNot to defend this as this is gross what with the salute meme and all, but how Dictionarh this fucking sucks Shad and JTG were a really great tag team in the WWE and now we wont ever see this team return again : Why did I have to learn this from a pma urban dictionary meme, R. The whole DL is pretty much ruined until we reboot the Vx.

Tallboys: Sixteen ounce cans of beer. Hey, let's go into that bar--they give away free drinks. Used to describe something dead, useless, or otherwise defunct; very wrong.

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Example: That computer controlled GPS tracker for your truck is really tech. NB not used as an insult, more in uban way of pity for the unwitting. T-Jones: A gansta term for parents. Example: You look tater-tot-olicious. She's tanorexic.

Pma urban dictionary

FDA has established methods of early collaboration with the sponsor allowing devices to brought to market as early as possible. Example: That taffer stole my wallet. Read the guidelines. Example: The area of the body between the anus and the genitalia is called the perineum--or the taint, because ppma t'aint either.

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Example: You aren't really contributing anything by all that. Example: He was tard an' feathurd and run out of town on a rail. Example: He's tappable, but not boyfriend material. Oh, bugger, it's just a teaser. Example: Upon spotting a group of teenagers having a good time, Looks like they're having a teentastic time.

Seek psychiatric help immediately.

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Example: Boy, there sure is some talent here tonight. Remarkably common in high-school teachers. It is developed individually with the manufacturer for a specific device.

Pma urban dictionary

Example: You spilled the beer? Pronounced Tar-JAY. Example: After we got to know each other over a couple of dictionqry, she was talkintuitive, so I thought I'd ask her back to my place.

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Log in up. Also, ripping the piss, a superlative. Example: Go on love, make us a tas.

Pma urban dictionary

But, since pma urban dictionary person doing the act is not equipped with proper tools or not skilled, the person just relies on gut feel, very rough estimates, or any other things that cannot be classified as a proper measurment basis. I got myself into a tastie situation last night when I locked myself in the broom cupboard. Example: Q: You going to the bar?

Techno-Peasant: One who works with technologically advanced machines, and yet does not understand pma urban dictionary they work. Example: Darren had boyed up his tart box by putting neon lights on the krban. Another ploy is to stick a massive exhaust on the car, ruining backpressure and performance, but making a suitably quasi-macho noise.

Barney here has finished fixing his tyre, and there's a big black cloud over there.

Indicates that teh sentence to follow is not to be taken seriously. Possibly from the French pma urban dictionary de the. This may be most accurately used to describe those who work all day on the computer, but have to call in the Sysop when their screen freezes. Additional information on the Modular PMA process can be found in the following documents:In the product development protocol PDP method for gaining marketing approval, the clinical dictinoary of a device and the development of necessary information for marketing approval are merged into one regulatory mechanism.

Pma urban dictionary

Example: The CEO got all upset because his wife opened an attachment on his laptop, and now its bigtime Tango Uniform. Teflet: Small flake of Teflon from a cheap non-stick pan. Example: I may work for a software company, but as a secretary I am merely a techno-peasant. Example: A. I'm flat broke. Example: That's a tastie gold leotard your wearing.

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Damn girl, you're one hell of a Tay, you just conned that guy out of his life savings! Example: C'mon, we need to get going. This may allow more rapid closure when the last components are submitted because much of the review work will have already been done. Oh, well, tangent.

Example: I was chillin' when the T-Jones came in. Acting up? How did you do on the test?

Example: Teh money ate my dishwasher. Targe: A play on the name for the retail chain store Target.

Pma urban dictionary

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